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Accelerate sales with multi-marketplace insights

Carpio collates all your eCommerce marketplace data into one easy-to-view dashboard for deep insights and greater sales.

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Gain insights. Boost sales.

View rich data from all your eCommerce marketplaces and retail channels in one simple dashboard. Select metrics, track campaign success, power sales and much more.

Quickly view and act on all your eCommerce data across multiple marketplaces and stay ahead of competitors with revenue, sales, returns and buy box data across your 1P and 3P accounts.

Monitor and optimise conversion rates, unit sales, click through rates, ROAS and more all from one dashboard.

Track and analyse keyword performance on all your products across multiple marketplaces and boost sales.

Bring all your data together with ease

Carpio intelligently integrates all your eCommerce data from leading marketplaces and retail channels into one simple dashboard. Measure growth, track keyword analytics, protect profitability and gain share on multiple digital shelves.

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