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Sell more using your own data

For both 1P Vendors and 3P Sellers, gain deep insight into your combined sales and advertising performance with retail analytics that drive more sales.

In Depth Retail Analytics

For both Seller (3P) and Vendor (1P) Retailers, report on key sales metrics, revenue, orders and units sold, buy box wins and losses. Combining data from multiple sources enables you to identify when changes in revenue are caused by events such as losing the buy box or modified advertising spend. Understand what is driving revenue.

Understand Advertising and Shopper Behaviour

For Amazon marketplaces, report on the keywords that drive advertising and sales, popular item combinations that sell together, repeat purchase behaviour and understand which items shoppers look at and purchase after viewing your products to identify potential improvements to product offerings.

1P Vendor Retail Analytics

Dive deeper into your 1P Vendor data with sales revenue, units and returns, glance views and product page views, and buy box loss data.  Combined with your advertising data this gives a full insight into what is driving sales performance.  Demand forecasts and inventory information keep you ready for the future.

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