Maximize Your E-commerce Potential with Fulfilled by TikTok Shop (FBT)

Welcome to the future of eCommerce, a reality where logistics and fulfillment are no longer your headache but an advantage. This future is Fulfilled by TikTok Shop!

FBT is revolutionizing eCommerce, offering an all-inclusive solution for storing and shipping your goods, ensuring reliable, swift delivery at competitive rates. Embark on this journey with us as we unravel how FBT can help increase your website traffic, generate leads and propel your TikTok Shop business to unparalleled heights.

Fulfilled by TikTok Shop: Your Game Changer

Dive deep into the revolutionary world of FBT. Discover its seamless integration with TikTok Shop Seller Center and how it takes the burden of fulfillment off your shoulder, enabling you to devote more time to content creation and business growth on TikTok Shop UK.


The Remarkable Benefits of Using FBT

From offering fast dispatch and delivery with competitive rates to quality fulfillment experience, uncover the myriad of advantages waiting for you in the FBT world.

Accelerated Dispatch and Delivery: Fulfilled by TikTok Shop brings to your fingertip a seven-day express shipping service, promising next-day delivery for orders placed before the cutoff time.

Competitive Rates with Benefits: With Fulfilled by TikTok Shop, every new inbound shipment comes with 30 days of free storage, and the cost of the first item pick fee is taken care of by the FBT.

The FBT Subsidy: A Closer Look

Get more value for your money with FBT’s upfront fulfillment cost and full subsidy per order for the first item. Explore detailed information about the subsidy’s mechanics and how it optimizes your expenses.

Expanding Your Business Reach with FBT

FBT isn’t just about local business operations; it’s a global endeavor. Understand how your TikTok Shop can benefit from its international fulfillment scheme and take your e-commerce game to the next level.

Decoding FBT Shipping Services

FBT offers an array of shipping services that cater uniquely to customer needs. Understand how these services can benefit both you and your customers while maximizing efficiency.

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Engage with FBT now and elevate your e-commerce game to new peaks!

Understanding the Costs: Fulfilled by TikTok Shop (FBT) Rate Card Guide

With the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape, having a competitive pricing strategy can be your gateway to unparalleled business growth. As a part of Fulfilled by TikTok (FBT), it’s paramount you understand the costs involved to maximize your financial efficiency. To help with this, we’re providing you with an easy-to-navigate guide to the FBT rate cards, both exclusive and inclusive of VAT.

FBT Fulfillment Fee Rate Cards

Get an overview of FBT’s rate card, detailing the buyer and seller rates, along with the total seller fulfillment fees – all tailored according to the weight tiers – VAT-exclusive and VAT-inclusive.

The fulfillment fee will be charged to the seller account after the delivery. The maximum weight per shipment is 30kg, and the maximum size is 31.5 cubic litres. The chargeable weight is based on the actual weight per shipment. For the seller rate card, the charged £0.6 per order will be returned to sellers through the Seller Center after meeting a few basic requirements.

Warehousing Cost Rate Card

The subsequent cost to consider is that of warehousing. From storage to inventory management, below is the breakdown of fees per cubic metre (CBM) per day, exclusive and inclusive of VAT.

The minimum CBM is 0.001, charged based on the cubic meters of all inventory (including goods ready to sell and defective goods) at 23:59:59 every day. Every time an inbound shipment is made, if stock aging is less than 30 days, the warehouse storage is free.

Having a clear understanding of these rate cards will help you navigate financial decisions more strategically, ultimately helping in generating more leads and increasing your website traffic, paving the way for your e-commerce venture’s success.