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Carpio harnesses the power of cutting-edge Generative Pre-Trained Transformers (GPT) models, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and keyword SEO analysis to deliver high-quality content tailored to your brands specification and tone of voice.

We integrate client-provided data and information extracted from a range of public sources and combine this with a custom-tailored instruction set that guides the advanced AI models to produce content that is compelling for the customer and  optimised for increased search reach.

You can add unlimited active users to the platform so your entire team can focus on creating great content instead of managing user licenses.

Carpio supports a number of different methods of uploading product information to the system including:

  • manual input
  • bulk Excel import
  • Amazon Category Template files directly exported from Amazon SellerCentral or VendorCentral
  • Product PDFs (managed service only)
  • Web scraping from your direct-to-consumer sites (managed service only)

Amazon has various policies in place to ensure the quality and compliance of products listed on their platform. These policies cover a wide range of aspects, including product descriptions, images, pricing, intellectual property rights, and prohibited content.

Carpio AI Content Generator Algorithm take these policies in consideration and we update our tool at the same time that Amazon create new policies.  As with any AI generated content, it is not always perfect but we aim to get it right 99%+ of the time.

Carpio uses a combination of natural language processing (NLP), large language models (LLMs) and keyword SEO databases to identify the most relevant keywords for each category and product.

These are then used to the guide the AI to generate product listings that are both compelling for customers and increase reach for marketplace search engines.

At this time, there are not any Amazon policies warning about the use or not use of content generated by AI.

The ultimate responsibility for the use of the content generated by Carpio’s artificial intelligence software rests with you.

Carpio strongly recommends that the generated content is always reviewed by the agency or brand owner.

As with all actions in the Carpio platform, we focus on ease of use and operating in bulk on tens, hundreds or thousands of products at once instead of translating each piece of text one at a time by hand.


Yes. Via our managed service, you can use product factsheet PDFs to feed data into the system.

We will do small scale tests to ensure the PDFs are compatible with our content loading process before loading in bulk.

You can generate native content in or translation to almost any major international language.  For specific queries, please send us a message.

The time to turn around content depends of the number of products and the number of translations as well as overall system usage.

Typically, once your batch of products is running it takes roughly one minute per product or translation.

Regardless of the time it takes, our system will automatically send you an email when your content is ready so you can get on with other tasks in the meantime.

To all marketplaces or platforms. We can create the content adapted to  the requirements of marketplaces and platforms like:

Amazon, eBay, ETSY, Walmart, Mercado Libre, Allegro, Target, Rakuten, Zalando, ASOS, Alibaba, Shopify, Woocomerce or Prestashop.

You can export the content in our CSV or Excel template.

Also you can export the data in specific Excel formats including the most popular Amazon SellerCentral Partial Update and Amazon VendorCentral Content Update.

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