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Carpio helps you to unleash the full potential of your marketplace and e-commerce agency. Easily integrate our technology into your existing work processes.

Exceed client expectations EVERY TIME. Our scalable solutions will propel your agency forward, allowing you to take on more clients, handle increased workloads, and embrace limitless opportunities for content projects.

“Whilst Carpio does the heavy lifting of creating product content in the background - my team can keep working on other value add for our brand clients”
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Tim Van Der Bilt
Founder & CEO at Incubeta Maze-One

How does Carpio solve agency pain points?

Scale Your Business, Not Your Team

Bid farewell to the limitations of a small team. Our scalable solutions will propel your agency forward, allowing you to take on more clients, handle increased workloads, and embrace limitless opportunities.

Efficiency Through Automation

Wave goodbye to time-consuming manual processes. Our cutting-edge automation tools will streamline your workflows, maximizing efficiency and productivity, while freeing up your team to focus on what truly matters.

Unleash Revenue And Profitability

Overcome the obstacles of generating revenue and addressing profitability concerns with our comprehensive solutions. By employing our tested methodologies and strategic approaches centered around revenue growth, we will steer you towards long-term prosperity, enabling you to flourish in a fiercely competitive market.

Consistent Output And Results

Tired of struggling to meet client demands? Our team of experts will empower you to deliver exceptional results, ensuring client satisfaction becomes your agency's trademark. Create persuasive and informative marketing materials and enhance your ability to captivate customers and drive sales across various eCommerce platforms.

Cover Your Team When They Are On Vacation

All agencies have the same problem, your team goes on vacation... but our technology doesn't, it doesn't sleep, doesn't eat, and doesn't need a break. We cover for you and take care of your business in the periods and moments of lower productivity.


Carpio vs. Manual Process

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Designed for you, by people like you

Carpio is designed and built by Amazon and marketplace experts who have worked with hundreds of brands creating and optimising content. We have experienced, first hand, the friction and time it takes to produce quality, consistent product content by hand so we built Carpio to make the process faster and simpler.

Fast and scalable bulk operations

Carpio is designed from the ground up to work at scale. Whether you have a single product, or hundreds, or thousands you can import and export product data directly from and to Amazon Excel format files and other bulk formats saving huge amounts of time and money.

Controllable and consistent voice and style

AI-generated content allows you to achieve a high level of control and consistency over the voice and style of the generated content, ensuring a reliable and uniform output that matches your brands tone and style.

Create, optimise, adapt or translate

Whether you are creating new product listings from scratch, adapting existing content for a special event such as Valentine’s day, or just optimising a product for improved conversion and reach – Carpio has you covered and can then translate your listing into many other languages simultaneously.

Discover the cost savings you can achieve

Lead generation tool for agencies


What is Carpio Lead Generation?

Carpio's Lead Generation & Automatic Audit tool helps your agency to identify potential new customer leads quickly and at scale. Carpio scans the specfied niche to find all the brands and sellers with products in that area. The tool then utilizes multiple data sources to gather information and provide insights to give you a competitive advantage for you to be more successful in customer acquisition.

Identify In-Niche Brands At Scale

Carpio scans an entire niche identifying hundreds of the top brands at once while you move on to other tasks.

Filter Sellers By Country

Sellers from countries that are not relevant to your business can be automatically filtered out of the result set.

Engage Brands With Personalised PDFs

By sending each brand a personalized PDF, you have an additional tool to help you more effectively engage with potential customers and achieve higher open rates and conversion to meetings.

Increase Conversion Rates Of Prospects

By using a brand personalized PDF tailored with your messaging, the likelihood of turning potential customers into actual buyers is significantly improved, leading to higher conversion rates.

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