About Us

Our Mission

At Carpio, our mission is to revolutionize Amazon product optimization for agencies and leading brands worldwide. Through our AI-driven content generation expertise and relentless commitment to innovation, we empower our clients to achieve unparalleled success by maximizing visibility, conversions, and brand presence on marketplace and e-commerce platforms.


Carpio is an AI-Based Content Generation tool for creating, optimisation, adapting, and translating product listings content for marketplaces and other e-commerce channels.


Optimised product listings drive conversations and reach but manual optimisation is expensive and slow. We create compelling, compliant content at scale in record time.


We are a group of technology and Amazon marketplace experts from a diverse background across martech and marketplace agencies. We have lived the problems that you are facing daily.

Our Senior Team

Steve McCartney

CEO / CTO at Carpio
Steve McCartney is a Carpio co-founder and has over 20 years of experience designing, building and operating e-commerce, adtech/martech and data platforms, and teams.

Peter Louw

Lead Software Engineer at Carpio
Peter Louw is an experienced Lead Software Engineer, currently working at Carpio. Prior to his current position, Peter served as a Director and founding partner at P&L Grow Systems

Víctor M. García Barco

CMO at Carpio
Víctor M. García Barco is a seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience in the marketplaces and marketing sector. Former CEO of Takana, a Specialised Amazon Agency.

Our Investors


UK Technology Investment Fund
FirstPartyCapital is a pioneering sector-focused fund that invests capital and expertise in adtech, martech, and digital media companies.

Tim Van Der Bilt

Founder & CEO at Incubeta Maze-One
Tim Van Der Bilt is the Founder and CEO of Incubeta Maze-One, a trailblazing marketplace management company.

Auke Meijer

CFO-COO The Valley | Penfield - Digital
Auke Meijer brings extensive experience as the CFO of Penfield Digital, a leading Salesforce solutions provider.